Letter from the CEO

We are at a pivotal time in the real estate market. As we gaze into the proverbial crystal ball and forecast how to best capitalize on upcoming opportunities, it is important to reflect upon what has made Ackerman successful in the eyes of its partners.

Ackerman Development began as a private family investment arm focused on the diversification of its own assets. As such, unlike most investment firms, the company did not face continuous pressure to take on new investments. We have learned that, sometimes, the best thing to do is to wait patiently for the right opportunity. This difference has allowed us to be patient and tactically allocate capital into superior developments.

In the last few years, our growth in the real estate market has brought us to the point where our expertise in the field has grown immensely, as we now have the ability to cater our projects from idea to execution, while religiously keeping our partners up-to-date on their investments.

At Ackerman, we do not have a desire to “beat the market.” Instead, we are committed to a disciplined “buy and hold” investment strategy, an approach that has proven itself successful.  The process of investing doesn’t yield an immediate sense of reward, but rather allows us to grow as investors and allows Ackerman Development and its partners to secure a superior position in the market as it continues to evolve.

As being big believers that technology is changing the real estate market immensely, we have seen, in past years, that by leveraging our analytical expertise, tactical timing and in-depth knowledge of the market and its players, we can successfully carry out our unique investment strategy, further expanding and strengthening our position in the market. As well as investing in new and cutting-edge real estate tech such as Compit and Stoop.

As the second quarter of 2018 ends, we would like to review all the growth we have achieved and to keep you informed of the progress on our ongoing projects and developments that are currently underway. We have added additional personnel, to support the company growth, as well as implementing the most advanced technologies to improve our internal analytical process and also to communicate better with our partners, such as, a live feed of some of our construction sites, including a time-lapse video of the construction progress, giving our partners the ability to have the ability to see the construction progress live, as it happens.

Last year wrapped up with significant expansion in the global macro-economic growth, the passage of extensive domestic tax reform and a U.S. real-estate market that saw considerable amounts of investments made and significant absorption of real-estate inventory.  Due to these factors, we began 2018 with a constructive and optimistic outlook on the U.S. real estate market.

Our goals for the upcoming years, are to continue monitoring and making sure our current projects are executed in the most optimal way, while building an ever-stronger development portfolio and consistently pursue strong risk-adjusted returns. Keeping our core investment approach of being nimble and selective in our investment strategy, we are constantly aware of changing market trends and conditions, as always being prepared by planning ahead to swiftly take action when market conditions change.

We would like to thank you for your support and trust and to state that we are absolutely confident that our future results will be even grander!  In the past years we have managed to achieve a position that allows us to be an important player taking a major role in the ever changing skyline of New York.  

Thanks to our partners, we have earned a great reputation in the market, not only for achieving outstanding results for our clients, but also as being fair and transparent business partners throughout the duration of our projects and thereafter.

We aim to continue utilizing our intellectual and monetary capital to deliver high-quality alternative investment solutions and services for many years to come. As our guiding principle dictates - given a long enough timeline, only the humble and self-aware investors will truly be successful.

May this be a grand year for all of us, as we look forward to working with you on new and exciting projects to come!






Ariel Ackerman,

                     Founder & Managing Partner