They are men and women from across the State of Israel, in Los Angeles, Florida, New York, Toronto and around the world who stepped up to be swabbed. They are our heroes who came out to save a young woman whose world has been turned upside down by cancer!

Roni Cohen had her whole life ahead of her. The 27-year old bride-to-be was due to get married to her fiance, Bar, in September. Leukemia sabotaged these plans.   

Ezer Mizion’s targeted drive aimed to swab 10,000 potential Yemenite, Moroccan and North African donors in the search for the perfect genetic match to save Roni’s life.

The response was absolutely overwhelming! Thousands converged on 36 testing stations across Israel, as well as in California and Florida, to be swabbed in the hopes of being a match for Roni.

Our New York office shipped hundreds of swab kits across the USA to heroes who hope that they will be the lifesaving match to save Roni!   

The drive even brought out the Israeli Chief of Police, who joined the drive with his family and shared that he “hopes a match is found from among my family; that would be our greatest honor to save Roni’s life!” 

And in just a few days, over 16,200 DNA sample were collected and are being tested!