Angel Investment

Stoop is revolutionizing the process of booking an apartment by offering a marketplace for tenants and owners to have an intermediary platform handling the entire leasing process.  It is a flexible living marketplace that solves the antiquated and disjointed rental process via a robust rental platform.  Stoop innovates the resident experience by transforming how people search, rent and live, by providing flexible, turn-key furnished residences and bedrooms on-demand, with flexible lease terms of over 30 days.  


Stoop members, who can be an international student or just an explorer of neighborhoods to name a couple, can book properties online through a seamless and secure process.  By moving to a Stoop-residence, members have access to a standard of advanced tech amenities, while feeling at home. The ability to book a room, unpack your suitcase and start living has transformed the experience of renting and moving.

In the United States, 36 million people move annually, but lack an ability to rent directly through one consistent branded platform. This lack of a marketplace, from search to living and the whole antiquated rental process leads to fees, barriers to entry and inefficiencies, which result in a lack of results for both renters and owners.


The company believes that renting apartments should not be a hassle. By offering to take their inventory off the market in one easy step, Stoop absorb the costs that owners spend on brokerage companies in order to rent their space. The incentive to reduce vacancy immediately, by leasing through Stoop, is one that cannot be omitted.